The Young Entrepreneurs' Guide to Dropshipping in South Africa

Dropshipping in South Africa

Youth is the greatest resource for a country for its development. They represent the future and are the most effective agents of change. One of the most effective ways youth can play a role in supporting their community is: by starting small businesses. Local startups create the most jobs and play a huge role in connecting consumers with products. They are the backbone of any economy — especially the countries like South Africa where youth makes up a large and fast-growing portion of the demographics.


The capital requirement and the risk involved in entrepreneurship keep people at bay from starting their own ventures. The dropshipping model comes to the rescue of entrepreneurial-minded people with low capital, and low-risk opportunities in the e-commerce sector. It allows them to transfer products from manufacturers to consumers — without purchasing or storing them. But it comes with its own challenges.


Though fixed costs are low in starting a dropshipping business, there still exists a financial challenge. Since dropshipping startups source their products from other countries, (mostly China) the variable costs like shipping costs and import tariffs drain the money out of the business. Apart from that, long delivery times and the difficulty to return the items lead to poor customer service and lack of customer trust — decreasing the potential of the business. These are some of the reasons why dropshipping in South Africa is still a new relatively new concept. But these issues are not impossible to solve.


Even if you don’t have enough capital to risk purchasing and storing huge stock and don’t want to rely on a fail-prone method of importing directly from China, there is still a way out for you. The huge RSA-based warehouses of ZA Dropshipping are loaded with thousands of top-trending products from a range of niches — that drop shippers can easily feature on their sites through a simple (app-store) integration.

So you don’t need to have a huge upfront inventory, nor have to compromise the quality of customer service because the products can be delivered and returned within a few days.

The ZA Dropshipping platform is the best choice for young entrepreneurs because it's not just another product supplier. The company is on a mission to help young people start online businesses. It aims to reduce the unemployment rate and help make South Africa one of the largest e-commerce markets in the world.

So are you ready to start a dropshipping business or re-energize and grow your existing one? Of course, you are. So install the ZA Dropshipping app to your store now and experience a seamless, flawless, and quick fulfillment experience with next-level customer service.

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